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Final Inspection and Inprogress Inspection Data logger software manages to handle multiple brands device wireless bluetooth data capturing for multiple parameters like ID, OD, Thickness, Torque, Length etc with concurrent users in data sequence with SPC

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Calibration Lab Management Software
Calibmaster provides a smart and joyful way of calibrating and managing your Gauges

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Testing Lab Management Software is to test and certifiy samples and digitally  



Embed analytics for SAAS users to view their personalzed reports

Financial Report

Root Cause Analysis for every outlier parameters captured can be drilldown to Defects and its respective Root cause to WHY WHY analysis and updates in FMEA if the defect is not listed. Its also predicts roots cause and prescribe the top effective solutions provided earlier   

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We are the only SCADA software manufacturer in India with end user project customization development package

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Gauge Master

Calibration and repairs reminders with Auto email service 

photography equipment

QR Asset Tracker

An application to track the status of the production lots/job card  in every stage in progress right from arrival in plant till its dispatch 

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